Wiper Blades

A downpour is no time to realize you need new wiper blades – so fit your vehicle with Genuine Toyota wiper blades every six months or 6000 miles. They feature heavy-duty blade construction and natural compression molded rubber. And unlike parts-store replacements, they're designed specifically for Toyota models, so they'll fit properly and install easily.

Wiper Inserts
Wiper inserts may all look alike, but they don't all fit or work alike. Replace your worn-out wipers with Genuine Toyota wiper inserts every six months or 6000 miles. They're made specifically for your vehicle, so installation takes just minutes. Compression molded rubber makes for optimum wiping performance and enhanced visibility.

All Labadie Toyota Wiper Blades are:

  • Genuine Toyota parts = exact fit.
  • Long-lasting, heavy duty blade construction.
  • Natural compression-molded rubber provides a clear smooth wipe.
  • Easy to install

Windshild Wiper Troubleshooting:

  • Foreign matter on windshield such as car wax, tree sap, animal droppings (birds), road oils and asphalt tar will cause wipers to skip and bounce in both directions due to increased friction. Note: Windshield may appear to be clean and could still be contaminated. Waterdrop test: If water drop "beads up" instead of "sheeting" or rolls down windshield at an angle instead of vertical, windshield is contaminated.
  • Silicone based glass treatments or cleaning compounds such as RainX, will reduce surface tension of water on glass allowing water to be evacuated from windshield faster without the use of wipers but will increase friction level between natural rubber and glass causing wipers to skip and bounce (chatter) in both directions due to increased friction.
  • If contact angle of Arm on windshield is out of manufacturer specification, wiper blade frame will favor one direction in wipe quality to the detriment of the other and will cause chatter and skipping in one direction.
  • Installer should use application data supplied by Toyota Motor Sales, USA. Incorrect application could result in improper fit and poor performance.
  • Proper form, fit and function can be maintained with different arm styles and the blade must be attached using the installation instruction on each package.
  • The product should be designed for form, fit and function to Toyota specifications.

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